Why Train at The Lab?

We offer a perfect combination of analytics and expert instruction at our indoor facility.

The Lab is a premiere baseball/softball training facility designed with the purpose to “Develop Your Game.”  In a science lab, you experiment to develop the perfect formula to create something that is sustainable.  The Lab concept comes from intense research of the best hitting facilities in Georgia, Florida and Arizona.  Our most unique feature is our 13 x 14 hitting zones.  These hitting zones are custom made and tailored for the serious ball player that understands that quality tee work is an integral part of developing the perfect swing for success.  

The days of hitting in a long tunnel and the inefficiency of shagging balls are gone.  The game of baseball and softball is about quality reps in a short period of time that are repeatable and consistently performed.  There are many facilities that put up cages and provide players a place to hit.   However, The Lab is a baseball/softball facility that provides a higher level experience.  When players enter The Lab, their mentality, energy and competitive spirit will immediately change.  Their focus will be on quality reps with perfection as the only objective.  

The Lab will also provide a certified training staff who has completed an extensive training program in order to provide quality assessments and training with a purpose.  The best ball players work with a private trainers.  The Lab’s trainers will incorporate the latest technology with the best training tools for the development of any player.

The Lab is not just a place to take batting practice, throw bullpen sessions or field ground balls. The Lab is a place to develop the winning techniques for success.  No matter what high school or travel organization, if players are not working 3 to 4 times a week, the game will dictate their success.  There are many places to work on your game, but only one place to Develop Your Game.  That place is The Lab.  

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